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How are you feeling? 

Quite often this question is directed toward Mum, however at DorPIP we recognise that Dads can often feel invisible to services (and friends and family) when it is an equally significant time of change, challenge, transition and learning for you too. 

  • Not only have you just been handed a brand-new little human, your baby, but you may also have had to witnessed your partner going through a difficult pregnancy or birth 

  • Your baby may be going through a difficult time especially in the early weeks, or at times of rapid development change 

  • Perhaps your partner is struggling adjusting to their new role, feeling isolated, like they have lost their identity, out of their depth 

  • Perhaps you are too, how are you Dad? 


All these factors will impact on you, yet all too often dads feel they can't reach out for help.  


There's a myth that you must be 'strong', despite possibly experiencing your own feelings of anxiety, feeling out of control and other things too.  


We appreciate that finding your feet as a new or expectant parent can be both an exciting and difficult time.  


As much as you want to be there for your partner, it can be difficult juggling your needs, your partners, and this whole new person you helped bring into this world. 


How would it feel if


  • You knew how to support yourself, and your partner, in the journey of being parents together 

  • You understood your baby emotional needs and recognised what they needed in the moment 

  • You felt appreciated for the vital role you play in your child’s development and wellbeing. 

At DorPIP, we are passionate about helping your family to flourish. Founded in 2018 and having worked with over 600 local families in that time, we are experts in the parent-infant relationship. We offer a combination of counselling, support groups and infant massage classes. We work holistically with other charities and services, ensuring that early help is provided in the community.  

DorPIP Dad’s has been developed with Mark Williams, a keynote speaker, author and international campaigner. He founded International Fathers Mental Health Day (20/06/23) and the #HowAreYouDad Campaign to help ensure that all parents and families are supported throughout the perinatal period, that’s the first 1001 days from conception to when your baby is aged 2. Mark has spoken on television and radio stations around the world. Working alongside Dr Jane Hanley, he has published articles on Fathers (Paternal) Mental Health. In 2012, Mark was awarded “Inspirational Father of the year” and “Local Hero” at the Pride of Britain Awards. On World Mental Health Day in 2016 Mark was invited to meet The Royal Family and in 2019 he was awarded the Point of light Award by the Prime Minister. 

DorPIP Trustee and Perinatal Mental Health expert, Dr Andy Mayers says, "Often husbands and partners are overlooked when it comes to providing support and information on mental health. Evidence suggests that the risk factors -  and impact - of perinatal mental health are reduced when mums have a supportive partner.   

Furthermore, fathers can also develop perinatal mental health problems either as a result of their spouse's/partner's illness, or independently. There is often little guidance available for men to understand the causes, risk factors, treatments, and prognosis of perinatal mental illness, quite apart from what support they can give to their partner. Fathers also need information on how to improve their own mental health so that they can continue to play the vital role they have in supporting their child’s development and wellbeing".  

DorPIP Dads is an educational and life skill course which will provide you with up to date information about men’s mental health, baby development and how that impacts on your role as a father. It is also a confidential space for you to ask the questions you never felt you could and explore your own thoughts and feelings around parenthood 

During our time together we will discuss 

  • The importance of the first 1001 days.  The impact they have on your baby’s emotional, cognitive, social and physical development 

  • How important your own mental health is. The research around when you feel low, you are less likely to sing, read and dance with your baby 

  • Bonding and attachment. The importance of skin to skin and baby massage and how this can help your brain rewire and feel connected to your baby 

  • Communication. Feeling ok with speaking openly to your partner and trusted family and friends 

  • Useful strategies. To help increase mental health and resilience, such as mood diaries, sleep, exercise, gut health 

  • Explore more about the role of a father. What does it mean to you and others in the group? What do you have in common and what do you do differently?  

  • Resources. Learn what pathways of care and other support are available locally to you 

  • Group empowerment. The benefits of setting up a fathers walk and talk group 

  • Q&A with health professionals. An opportunity to speak to a midwife and a health visitor about any concerns or issues you have with your baby 

'The course helped me first hand to connect deeper with my baby and understand their cues and that I could be a hands on part of their early months as well' - Grant

'As a new dad, it has given me support and confidence that I am doing ok with looking after our baby and also that I am not alone in the parenting process, so good to share experiences and emotions with other Dads' - Pete

'Being able to relax and chat each week within a relaxing and friendly group has really helped me to not just begin to understand my baby’s needs and development, but also to understand my own feelings and be able to share them in a safe space'  - Nathan

After this course you will…  

  • Be aware of what could be the barriers to you being the Dad you want to be 

  • Be knowledgeable about men’s mental health 

  • Have clarity around how babies develop and how vital the first 1001 days are 

  • Have practical tips and techniques to help your family to flourish together 

             Listen to Marks Story


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