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Welcome to Dorset Parent Infant Partnership. 

Dorset Parent Infant Partnership is a unique specialist independent early intervention and preventative community-based service that helps families who are struggling to form safe, secure relationships with their infants from conception to age two.

We aim to create a society where children have the best possible start in life and can flourish through attuned parenting, early bonding and the development of healthy attachment as they grow.

What we do...

We focus on the very special relationship between parents and infants that develops in the first 1001 critical days of life, from conception to age two.

We help parents and primary carers to bond and attune with their baby through Parent-Infant Therapy and attachment-led Infant Massage.

We educate other professionals to work in an attachment focused way and identify known risk factors to offer early help, prevent adverse childhood experiences and enable parents and their babies to reach their full potential.

DorPIP services are available in children centres, GPs premises and where appropriate in your home across the county.


There are over 3180 parent infant relationships at risk in Dorset every year.

A baby’s earliest relationships with their primary care givers are the most significant. They are likely to affect their personality, health, friendships, work patterns over their lifetime.

The first 1001 days of a child’s life, from conception to age two, is a window of opportunity to impact on health outcomes throughout their lifespan including long-term implications for the child’s brain and emotional development and their resilience to stress.

Research suggests that individuals who are less emotionally resilient develop poor coping strategies that impact physical and mental health over the course of their life, leading to further emotional and social complications.


How DorPIP will help

By working holistically with a family to provide early intervention through Universal Parent-Infant therapy and attachment-led infant massage.

We can end cycles of abuse and help to prevent adverse childhood experiences.

By treating the root cause rather than the effect of adverse childhood experiences we can improve life chances of infants and improve society.

By communicating the importance of attachment focused care to professionals with family involvement we hope to effect change in practises and policies.

How to access our services

We welcome referrals from across Dorset, if you do not live in Dorset we are unable to offer you services at this time. We are a small charity and our funders are keen to support local families who are resident in Dorset.

If you live outside of Dorset and are in need of support please speak to your local Children's Centre, Health Visitor, Midwife or GP in the first instance.

DorPIP services are available in children centres, GPs premises and where appropriate in your home across the county.

Referrals are accepted from maternity services, maternal mental health service, health visitors, GPs, children centres, social services and frontline professionals. Self referrals are also welcomed. If you would like help yourself, or for a family you are working with please do get in touch with us, here

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