At DorPIP, we support parents in creating those important bonds to enable them to enjoy those special moments. But we can't do it alone.  We're looking for compassionate individuals who have some spare time and a big heart to join us in supporting parents in our community. Together, we can make a positive impact and create lasting memories for families. 

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How would you feel... 

  • Knowing that you played a part in supporting this precious bond between a parent and their child? 
  • if volunteering not only made a positive impact on others but also significantly improved your own health and well-being? 
  • If you discovered a new passion in life that also benefits your local community? 
DorPIP Volunteer

Volunteering is not just about giving; it's also about receiving. When you volunteer, you gain a sense of purpose, personal fulfillment, and a profound connection to your community. It's an opportunity to learn new skills, boost your self-esteem, and create lasting friendships. Volunteering can even improve your mental and emotional well-being, providing a sense of accomplishment and happiness that comes from making a positive impact on the lives of others. So, while you're busy helping others, remember that volunteering is a gift you give yourself too. 

At DorPIP, we are passionate about helping families to flourish. Founded in 2018 and having worked with over 600 local families in that time, we are experts in the parent-infant relationship. We offer a combination of counselling, support groups and infant massage classes. We work holistically with other charities and services, ensuring that early help is provided in the community.    

Volunteers are the heart and soul of DorPIP. They play an important role in giving a helping hand to our team, and to our amazing families, who might be going through some tough times. Just by being there, volunteers can bring a whole lot of positivity to the lives of both parents and their little ones. With the help of volunteers, DorPIP can reach even more families in our community, offering a friendly face and a helping hand to those who could really use it during our Infant Massage Sessions. If spending time with families and little ones isn’t for you, we also have other opportunities available including digital and fundraising! 

We celebrate your unique skills and experiences. Whether you're an excellent listener, a super organizer, a creative thinker, or simply someone who deeply cares, we've got a spot that's just right for you.  We get it, life can be crazy busy! That's why we've made volunteering super flexible. You can choose to give an hour a month or dive in with 30 hours a week – whatever suits your schedule best.  

To all our wonderful volunteers out there, THANK YOU for being the heart and soul of DorPIP. And to anyone thinking about joining our awesome team, we'd love to have you on board! 💙  

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Who Can Volunteer? Anyone with a heart full of compassion and a desire to make a positive impact is welcome to volunteer with us. We value diversity and believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute. 

What Skills Do I Need? We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and skill sets. Your willingness to help and your passion for our mission are the most important qualifications. 

How Much Time Do I Need to Commit? The amount of time you commit is entirely up to you. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or a couple of days a month, your contribution matters.

What Training and Support Will I Receive? We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you feel confident and well-prepared in your role. You're never alone on this journey. 

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Rosie - DorPIP Volunteer

"When I first started volunteering for DorPIP, taking my first classes, I needed to write up reflections for my qualifications. I asked one parent if she had noticed any feelings change towards her baby after the infant massage course. Both parents were suffering with postnatal depression which they had previously shared at an earlier class. The young mother thought for a few moments and then said Yes! With a smile and said how much she now enjoyed just holding her baby, that before the course she had been giving the baby to her partner to hold. I went home on an absolute high from that very special moment, which I will never forget. It made all the hard work in training, and doing the exam so very rewarding."

Are you ready to make a positive difference in your community and in your own life? Join our volunteer family at DorPIP . Together, we can create those #momentsthatmatter and build a brighter future for families, helping them flourish. 

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