Telephone/Video Call Counselling Agreement


We will take all precautions to ensure our online communication, whatever medium, remains private and confidential. Likewise, if you prefer to keep our meetings private, please think about where you are able to engage in our sessions, somewhere where you will not be disturbed by others. 

Responsibility around confidential information

You are responsible for understanding the potential risks of confidentiality being breached. This will be for securing your own device hardware, your internet access points, chat software, email address and any passwords.

Legal exceptions

The information disclosed during the course of counselling is confidential. However, there are legal exceptions including threats of harm to self or others, or if a court ordered.

Technical Failures

Transmission could possibly be disturbed or distorted by technical failures. If for any reasons we are unable to connect or we are disconnected during a video call meeting due to technological breakdown (crash or freeze etc.). We will try to reconnect within 10 minutes. If reconnection is not possible, we’ll email you or message you to schedule a new session time.

Lack of non-verbal cues

You should be aware that misunderstandings are possible in online counselling. Counsellors are observers of human behaviour and gather much information from body language, vocal reflection, eye contact and other non-verbal cues. If this is your first time in on-line counselling, have patience with the process and clarify information if you think we have not understood you well.


We can offer you sessions according to your need. This will be discussed with our Clinical Lead prior to the start of your sessions. The number and frequency of sessions may be changed if required. Please have this conversation with your counsellor.



A session costs £65 and we have a sliding scale that is dependent on the household income. However, we are currently waiving our fees to help families through these unprecedented times. Our funds are limited, and we do reserve the right to charge for sessions in the future, according to your means.


By signing this form, I agree to participate in online counselling. I have read, understood and comply with the agreed upon policies. 




Please print this form, sign and then email a copy to [email protected]