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pregnant women looking for antenatal classes in dorset

Are you looking for free antenatal classes in Dorset? 

Are you about to or have you just welcomed a new life into this world? 

We want to offer you Congratulations as new Parents 

Have you had a gradual or sudden dawning realisation that your little one is entirely reliant on you? Perhaps you are experiencing lots of different emotions? 

At DorPIP we understand and recognise that new parents, whether it is your first time or third, you can experience a roller coaster of emotions, from feelings of pure bliss and unconditional love to moments of exhaustion, doubt, and even feelings that you aren’t good enough.  

  • Becoming a parent takes time, you and your little one need to get to know one another, you may be recovering from a difficult birth or tricky pregnancy.  

  • Those last few weeks of pregnancy can be a time of calm and peace, making the first few weeks with your new born all the more overwhelming as you struggle to find a new rhythm, get some sleep and physically recover from bringing your baby into the world.  

  • It is often a time when parents can experience self doubt, especially when sleep deprived. 

  • Perhaps your partner is struggling adjusting to their new role, feeling isolated, like they have lost their identity or are out of their depth 


Perhaps you are too? 

mother and newborn struggling emotionally

All these factors will impact how you are feeling, yet all too often mums and dads don’t reach out for support. 

You may feel like people around you, your community or society are placing pressure on you as a new or expectant parent. Perhaps you are trying to meet unrealistic ideals and standards, or have that “Instagram lifestyle”. From the moment you announced your pregnancy, did you feel that you were expected to be ‘glowing’ and handle everything that comes your way?  

If you have recently given birth, are you feeling like you must be on top of everything, keeping house, yourself and little one perfectly presented at all times?  

Are you wondering when your ‘natural instinct’ for parenting your baby will kick in?  

Please don’t worry, as DorPIP we understand that this isn’t what parenting is all about. We recognize that it is natural to have feelings of self-doubt, especially when exhausted. Those feelings of exhaustion and inadequacy are perfectly normal.  

PeaPods can support you to grow and learn effective ways on how to support yourself and your child, enabling your family to flourish.

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How would it feel if

  • You knew how to support your mental wellbeing throughout pregnancy and those early newborn weeks? 

  • You understood your little ones emotional needs and recognised what they needed in the moment  

  • You had an expert midwife available for you to ask those questions you have been afraid to ask? 

At DorPIP, we are passionate about helping your family to flourish. Founded in 2018 and having worked with over 600 local families in that time, we are experts in the parent-infant relationship. We offer a combination of counselling, support groups and infant massage classes. We work holistically with other charities and services, ensuring that early help is provided in the community.  

PeaPods has been developed by Lisa Villa, a mother of three and a specialist midwife with a strong emphasis on supporting and caring for vulnerable parents during pregnancy and in the postnatal period. Lisa is also a Newborn Infant Physical Examination and a Newborn Behaviour Observation trained practitioner. Lisa’s personal experience of having severe postnatal depression with her own son, combined with her professional skills and passion for supporting parents makes her a wonderful mentor for parents that need that extra support during the pre and postnatal period. As DorPIP’s clinical lead, Lisa has helped ensure that all parents and families that contact DorPIP are supported throughout the perinatal period (that’s the first 1001 days from conception to when your baby is aged 2). Keeping the families well being at the heart of all she does, Lisa will help families decide on the service that will benefit them the most.  

“I firmly believe that if we can support, help, teach, and create an environment where parents can feel self-confident in their ability to parent then they can feel empowered to do what is right for them and their baby.” - Lisa Villa





Is PeaPods an Antenatal Course?  

No, it's not like a NCT antenatal course, it’s more about tuning into your baby and "I’ve had a baby what do I do next" course!  

PeaPods is not specifically an antenatal course but rather an educational and life skills course that focuses on the well-being and emotional attachment between parents and their little ones. While regular antenatal courses primarily provide information about the physical changes and challenges of pregnancy, PeaPods sessions take a holistic approach, considering the emotional and psychological aspects of pregnancy and the newborn stages. 

PeaPods aims to provide expectant and new parents with up-to-date information about mental health, baby development, and how these factors impact your role as a parent. The course emphasizes the importance of nurturing the bond and attachment between parents and their children during the early stages of life. 

In addition to providing knowledge, PeaPods creates a confidential space for parents to ask questions they may have never felt comfortable asking before and explore their own thoughts and feelings about motherhood or parenthood in general. 

PeaPods goes beyond a traditional antenatal course by addressing the emotional and psychological well-being of parents and their children, while also providing valuable information and support during the journey of parenthood.

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During our time together we will discuss  

  • The importance of the first 1001 days.  The impact they have on your baby’s emotional, cognitive, social and physical development 

  • Getting to know your baby. 

  • How important your own mental health is. The research around when you feel low, you are less likely to sing, read and dance with your baby  

  • Bonding and attachment. The importance of skin to skin and baby massage and how this can help your brain rewire and feel connected to your baby  

  • Communication. Feeling ok with speaking openly to your partner and trusted family and friends  

  • Useful strategies. To help increase mental health and resilience, such as mood diaries, sleep, exercise, gut health  

  • Explore more about the role of a parent. What does it mean to you and others in the group? What do you have in common and what do you do differently?  

  • Resources. Learn what pathways of care and other support are available locally to you 

  • Group empowerment. The benefits of setting up a parent's walk and talk group  

  • Q&A with health professionals.  

After this course you will 

  • Be aware of the barriers you may experience that are stopping you being the best parent you can be 

  • Be knowledgeable about mental health during pregnancy and the early newborn stages 

  • Have clarity around how babies develop and how vital the first 1001 days of your little ones life are. 

  • Have practical tips and techniques to help your family flourish 

Free online course

Monday Evenings 

January - 15th, 22nd, 29th

February 5th, 12th, 19th

7pm to 8.30pm  

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