Why Leave A Gift In Your Will?   

After you have helped take care of your loved ones, you can also help the thousands of babies and parents in Dorset by leaving us a Gift in your Will. 

When you leave us a Gift in your Will, you will be helping to ensure infants and parents have the best start in their new life. Your Gift can assist those who need it most during this amazing, yet all be it, challenging time. A helping hand and reassurance to new parents is what you can guarantee when you leave us a Gift. 

Donations, big or small, all make a difference towards supporting parents and their babies. It is an incredible way to show your love and support for children by implementing ways they will have the best start in life.  

Your generosity can help us reach so many more families out there who need our help.  

If you would like to support us by giving infants the best start in life, please add us to your will with Dorset Parent Infant Partnership, Charity Number: 1175876 , C/O Morris Lane Accountants, 31-33 Commercial Road, Poole, BH14 0HU. 

We understand that some people would rather not share what is in their will, but if you choose to leave a legacy to us, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Viv Allen, Founder 07813 989707 

How do I do it? 

We highly recommend you speak to a solicitor to ensure your wishes will be carried out as intended. The below is an example what you could put in your will.   

I leave my / X share (s) of my residuary estate for the Dorset Parent Infant Partnership, Charity Number: 1175876 , C/O Morris Lane Accountants, 31-33 Commercial Road, Poole, BH14 0HU, absolutely for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer or other proper officer for the time being shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors. 

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What can I leave you? 

There are three different types of gifts you can leave us: 

-Pecuniary gifts – a specific sum of money 

-Residuary gifts – a share, or sometimes all of an estate after all other payments have been made 

-Specific gifts – a particular item such as a painting, antiques, shares etc.