The Family Hubs Transformation Program's goal is to streamline and improve services offered through family hubs, guaranteeing that all parents and caregivers have access to the support they need. DorPIP’s Family Hubs training program is here to help you fulfill your commitments to The Best Start for Life: A Vision for the 1,001 Critical Days, the government policy released in March 2021. 

Are you ready to empower your family hub teams? 

We're here to support you every step of the way to help your workforce in achieving Level 1 proficiency in the AIMH - Infant Mental Health Competency Framework. Our multidisciplinary team boasts a wealth of experience and qualifications, encompassing professionals such as Adolescent and Child Psychotherapists, Parent-Infant Relationship Counsellors, a Safeguarding Midwife, Health Visitor, and Infant Massage Instructors. Infant Mental Health, parent infant relationships and perinatal mental health are our specialist subjects! 

At DorPIP, we take pride in our accolades, which include recognition from the Association of Infant Mental Health for our efforts in promoting infant mental health. Additionally, we've been honoured with the Charity Excellence Award and hold a Cyber Essentials certification. Rest assured; your workforce is in capable hands with our experienced, award-winning team.

IMCHF Level 1 Training Details 

DorPIP bespoke training packages are developed based on our unique pre-course self-assessments, informed by research, theory, and evidence-based practice, and are designed to raise standards of care for families by supporting all staff to optimize their learning and skills. 

By identify strengths and growth areas in your workforce through our pre-course assessment, it allows us to fine-tune the training's focus. This approach allows us to enhance your team's existing skills, resulting in a more impactful training experience. 

Our training program will help to ensure the workforce is suitably skilled to identify needs and deliver care to parent/s/caregiver who are pregnant or have a baby, to promote healthy parent infant relationships, infant mental health and wellbeing, and provide access to appropriate treatment where there are problems, as outlined in the Healthy Child Programme (DH, 2009; 2014). 

Our Training is delivered in 2 parts over one or two days. 

  • Part 1 Mandatory training – Infant Mental Health knowledge and skills 

  • Part 2 Personal and Professional development – Attachment theory in practice 

  • Pre course self-assessment – self guided, time to complete estimated 40 minutes. 

Meet the Trainers

Viv Allen - CEO and DorPIP Founder

Viv Allen understands personally and professionally the critical importance of the first 1001 days for families, infants, and society. From her experience Viv felt compelled to establish a specialist parent infant relationship service and founded DorPIP 2017, so that families could flourish. Since then, Viv has delivered training in perinatal mental health, infant mental health and risk assessment for RCM, BU, Local Authorities, Public Health, and the NHS. In 2021 she won the AIMH High awards for her work promoting IMH.  

Lisa Villa DorPIP Clinical Lead

Lisa Villa - DorPIP Clinical Lead


A specialist midwife with a strong emphasis on supporting and caring for vulnerable women during their pregnancy and in the postnatal period.  Lisa has worked as a lead midwife in Perinatal Mental Health and Safeguarding Children within the NHS and  is also a Newborn Infant Physical Examination and Newborn Behaviour Observation trained practitioner. 

Liz Clough - DorPIP Trustee

Liz Clough - DorPIP Trustee

A Freelance Trainer with a specific interest in families, neurodiversity and mental health. 

Training a as a counsellor in 1990’s Liz went on to train in many aspects of Mental Health, Personal Development, Family work, parenting programmes and neurodiversity in children. Delivered training extensively in a broad spectrum of settings including Young Offenders Institutions, Male Prisons, Community Development Projects, Schools, The Princes’ Trust and Local Government Children and Family Services supporting Parents and Families. Liz is passionate about working with people, encouraging them to develop, grow and achieve their potential.