"A person's a person, no matter how small." — Dr. Seuss

Bonding - the best start in life

Parenting begins in pregnancy. As the foetus develops, parents begin to build up images and ideas about their unborn baby, as well as ideas about themselves as parents. Often these ideas are influenced by our own experience of childhood and being parented. Depending on this experience, we may wish to replicate these good experiences for the baby, or, if our own experience has been lacking, we may feel that we want the baby to have something different and ‘better’.

This process of ‘bonding ‘ is very important for the developing relationship with baby. Bonding may be further stimulated by feeling and seeing the baby move in utero. Parents that bond with their baby enable the infant to develop a healthy attachment relationship to them, laying the foundations for emotional and mental health in later life.

Helena Rainsford

Senior Parent Infant Psychotherapist for DorPIP